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Allen Removals – Safe, Reliable, Cutting Edge Document Management

Document Scanning

For most modern businesses, the correct filing and safe storage of documents serves an important function, particularly for those who deal with any potentially sensitive information.

After noticing the demand for professional, reliable document storage, Allen Removals invested heavily in state of the art facilities, an investment which has now placed them at the forefront of document storage companies in the Irish market. Their multi-purpose storage facility features round-the-clock security and innovative storage, scanning and shredding equipment, allowing them to meet the needs of businesses and private individuals throughout a variety of sectors.

Document Storage
Allen Removals are, first and foremost, a document storage company and have made significant investments in their storage facilities, which are some of the most innovative in Ireland.

Document Scanning
We use OPEX Falcon technology to produce clear digital copies of physical documents of all sizes. Once documents have been scanned, they are passed through a sophisticated records management system to ensure all documents are available to the client as and when they are required.

Document Shredding
Many modern businesses will have sensitive documents which, when they are no longer of use, must be disposed of properly. Document shredding is the most secure method of disposal for end of life documents as it eliminates the risk of information leaks.Allen Removals provide secure document shredding to clients throughout Ireland on a once-off or continuous basis.

High-Security Vault
Allen Removals state-of-the-art high-security vault is possibly the most secure in Ireland, able to withstand heat of up to 2,000°F (1,000°C) for four hours. If something is valuable to you, this is where you want to store it.

For the most cutting-edge document storage solutions in Ireland, contact Allen Removals today.