High Secure Storage Vault

Certified and Secure - High Security Vault

Protection from Theft, Flood and Fire

At Allen Removals and Storage we have recently built a High Secure Storage Vault for our clients that require complete protection over valuable or highly confidential items. Our storage vault caters to a multitude of sizes, weights and requirements, from storing 1 or 2 page documents, a small safe deposit box, all the way up to high capacity safes for gold.

Below are photos showing the various stages of the build

Stage 1 – Foundations

Allen Removals High Secure Storage Vault
Allen Removals High Secure Storage Vault

Stage 2 – Walls

Stage 3 – Ceiling

Stage 4 – Temporary Lighting

Stage 5 – Doors

Stage 6 – Pyro Cabling

Stage 7 – Racking