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Office Relocation – Are you looking to move office?

With Allen Removals, moving office premises is easy. When relocating your office, we understand that there are many things to consider and plan. There are many factors that can cause stress during your move.

Office Moves and Office RelocationOur corporate move specialists work with you to devise a plan that eliminates stress and ensures a smooth transition to your new location. Our commercial surveyors can help you coordinate your relocation and help you avoid any potential problems. We are experts in planning every aspect of the logistics for your relocation.

We have a deep understanding of the factors that can cause stress and the ability to ensure you and your people can focus on what’s important and leave all of the details of the move to us.

Allen Removals treats all contracts – large or small – with the same care and attention. The small client with the smaller office is as important to us as a major corporation and we assure them of the same professional service.

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We provide the following additional services:

Disposal Service

We have a disposal service available for redundant office furniture and equipment, everything is disposed of in an environmental friendly method.

IT Services

Allen Removals can provide full IT services. These services include disconnection, relocation, reconnection and testing of all equipment. Click here for further information

Weekend Moves

Many of our clients require disturbance-free moving. We provide a 24-hour, 48-hour and weekend moving service.
Weekend Office MovesYou leave your old office on Friday evening and walk into your new office on Monday morning.

On arrival day we will meet you at your new premises. With your direction, your goods will be placed exactly where you want them. All items will be carefully wrapped and put safely in their correct location.
We won’t leave until we have done all we can to make moving into your new premises an easy, safe and carefree event.

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Whether you are looking for temporary storage or a more permanent solution, Allen Removals have the solution for you.


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