Planning your office move

Moving is a stressful but regular part of life. It’s never an easy decision to make regardless of if it’s a household move or a business move. 
Truck in Dublin City Office Move

Moving is a stressful but regular part of life. It’s never an easy decision to make regardless of if it’s a household move or a business move. While many businesses start out in smaller premises to save money, many find they have to move to a new space once their needs change. This could be down to rapid growth, a better location or being closer to your target market. It’s all too easy to get bogged down in paperwork and cardboard boxes that pile up during this process, meanwhile you still have a business to run. To make this process a little easier we’ve compiled a list to help you plan ahead so your office move goes as smoothly as possible.

1: Be clear about your reasons for moving:

To find your new commercial location, you should first think about why you are relocating your office. Moving your office is a big change and big changes in business are often risky. You should be crystal clear on why you feel a move is necessary and essential for your business. Some of the more common reasons for moving an office are:

Lower property costs:

Property costs can be very high for some businesses and rising real estate costs could be a huge motivation for moving to a newer (and cheaper) space. You may be searching for a cheaper location or a property that has similar rental costs but better amenities.

Better opportunities to find new talent:

You might be struggling to find qualified, skilled individuals for your business because your location is too remote or requires a long commute. Moving to a more convenient, central location could help improve your employee pool immensely.

Get closer to your target market:

Your current location might not place you close enough to your target market and your business may be suffering as a result. Finding a location that puts you closer to your target market could help improve business.

Improved lifestyle for you and your employees:

You might be a small business who are looking for a new location that is closer to your home and/or the homes of your most key employees. You might also want to improve your workplace culture by moving closer to other amenities such as outdoor areas, restaurants/lunch spots or other businesses that could potentially compliment the culture of your business.

Opportunity for business growth:

Maybe you settled on your current location when you were just starting out and now you realise that it’s not the best place to continue growing your business.

A few questions to consider before moving:

When do you want to move by?
Is there a deadline?
Where are you moving to?
When do you have to or want to move by?
What constraints do you have with your current office?